Choi, H., & Lee, H. (2016). Development and validation of the Traumatized Identity Questionnaire (TIQ). Korean Journal of Clinical Psychology, 35(3), 615-629.

This study conceptualized posttraumatic identity changes in survivors of trauma and developed the Traumatized Identity Questionnaire (TIQ) with a participation of 310 and 234 trauma survivors in Study 1, and in Study 2, respectively. TIQ was divided into five factors: identity over-accommodation, identity disintegration, identity confusion, negative identity, and identity-function problem. Traumatized identity levels were the highest in people with complex trauma experiences. Moreover, a group comparison showed that people with higher posttraumatic stress symptoms have higher traumatized identity levels. TIQ turned out to be reliable and valid. Finally, limitations of this study and suggestions for further studies, as well as implications for clinical use were discussed.

Keywords: trauma, complex trauma, identity, Traumatized Identity Questionnaire